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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Gul Ahmed Full Embroidered Long Coat | Gul-Ahmed Embroidered Long Coats Fashion | Gul Ahmed Silk Velvet Coats / Sherwani 2014-15

Gul Ahmed Silk Velvet Coats / Sherwani 2014-15
This is Gul Ahmed Embroidered Silk Velvet Coat Collection 2014. Gul Ahmedhas launched this collection on last Friday in a limited collection. Coats are available in all leading stores. Gul Ahmedhas revamp the design philosophy and by setting up new designing standards. Gul Ahmed has brought entirely new looks in this collection. Coats/Sherwani have been designed as a luxury and fancy wearespecially in winter season. 

Product design standards have been redesigned and designers have used traditional velvet fabric to design fancy over coats. Ankle length coats have been printed and embroidered to provide state of the art fancier look. Use of vigorous accessory like fancy strip, lace and ornaments has enhanced the beauty of the collection as well. Some coats are available in open long shirtformat whereas, some have been designed like a long shirt fashion. Embroidery on velvet fabric required highly specialized skills and technique to do so but Gul Ahmed team has did it well in fancy manners. People are rushing towards stores, so be quick and visit your nearest Gul Ahmed exclusive store to have your own Gul Ahmed Embroidered Velvet Coat for 2014 winter season. Hope you liked this collection. Be with us for more fashion updates.
In these Gul-Ahmed Embroidered Long Silk Coats, the designer use its Resham (Silk) work and alive the tradition of South Asia and which is really fantastic. These are not only coats but also there are ladies sherwani with very fine work on silk. Hope you will like Gul Ahmed Embroidered Silk (Resham) Velvet Coats for Winter 2014-2015.

Long Shirt Vs Short Shirt Fashion by Asim Jofa | Raw Silk /Charmeuse for Royal Fashion | Latest Asim Jofa Winter/Fall Collection 2014-2015

 Latest Asim Jofa Winter/Fall Collection 2014-2015
Asim Jofa released this exclusive royalRaw Silk/Charmeuse collection on 16th December 2013 for season 2014 also. This exclusive winter collection of Asim Jofa will shine you like a star, the finest embroidered work on silk (resham) and tasteful colors are leading the fashion as dresses of special celebrity. These dresses are in long shirt, open long shirt, Coat Upper, Step fashion, short kurti and many more. Let’s have a look…

Seasons keep changing and bring with them a whole new slew of events. The Asim Jofa Raw Silk/Charmeuse Collection 2013 has been designed to keep you and your social calendar in mind. You want to stand out in every outfit and be the life of every gathering. Asim Jofa recognizes that need and presents a Collection that features the magic of prints, the exclusive detail of embellishments, the oomph of brilliant colors and an overall look that exudes pure, unadulterated elegance. (Asim Jofa)

Royal Blue Dress By Kareena Kapoor | Kareena Kapoor Fashion Designer Suit | Latest Kareena Kapoor Dresses 2014-2015

Royal Blue Dress By Kareena Kapoor | Kareena Kapoor Fashion Designer Suit  
Fancier looks gorgeous. It is pretty viable and famous fable in world. So we have brought another gorgeous yet fancier collection of women dresses. Thesedesigner dresses have been launched in India and tagged as “Kareena Kapoor Designer Dresses”. The reason why the collection has been launched withKareena Kapoor name is simple. The dresses have been modeled by gorgeous Bollywood actress and famous model the Bebo, the Kareena Kapoor.
Bollywood Designers are using several designing techniques, combination of modern and conventional skills and mix of colors to please the dress and give fancier look. In this collection,Indian designer has used extensive embroidery with a use of multi-color fabric. Moreover theBollywood dresses have been nourished with some ornaments and fancy strips at lower border and sleeves. Pattern of dresses have been taken from Bollywood Anarkali dresses and designer has built ankle length shirts with chooridar trousers, leggy and simple trousers as well. Neck lineembroidery designs are looking gorgeous and enhancing the beauty of dress. Hope you feel proud to have one from these state of the art designed shalwar kameez dresses.
All these Bollywood fashion suits are taken from several sources one of which is Indian Online shopping website which is Cbazaar, and purpose of sharing these dresses to our valued visitors that how our fashion designers introduced their valued dresses with the help of Bollywood models, like Sonali Bendre, Karishma Kapoor, Ayesha Takia, Juhi Chawla, Nargis Fakhri, Riya Sen, Dia Mirza, sonam kapoor and many others. All these fashion designer dresses are decorated with finest embroidered work. Hope you like these dresses. Please like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or add circle on Google+, and leave your comments…! Keep visiting this blog to change your life style.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Designer Embroidered Sarees | Fine Textures of Saree by Laxmipati | Latest Brand by Laxmipati Sarees (Sari) 2014-15

Designer Embroidered Sarees | Fine Textures of Saree by Laxmipati 
Kalakriti is a novel launch of Laxmipati Sarees unveiled last Friday for international customers. The collection is another spectacular demonstration of creative work embellished with state of the art saree designing and native thread embroidery work. Laxmipati has introduced several elegant and good-looking saree dresses in this Kalakriti sarees collection 2014. It consists of fancy, casual and formal sarees populated with gotta pati (fancy strip) and handmade thread embroidery. 

Kalakriti Sarees would be the best choice for coming party or wedding ceremony. Laxmipati is one of the best and leading online boutiques of native Indian Saree dresses. It is offering a wide range of Indian sarees including casual sarees, bridal sarees, wedding sarees, formal and semi formal sarees embellished with creative artistic work. Laxmipati has credited several successive flourishing silk saree collections and this is another addition in its array. This collection has been produced in a special approach. Kalakriti Sarees Collection 2014-2015 has been produced for those who want to have creativity and artistic work in their dresses. Kalakriti is a Hindi version of artifact which means creativity and style. Laxmipati designers have put Indian Saree designing creativity in this collection. Hope you liked this Kalakriti Sarees Collection 2014. Stay with us for more Indian creative dresses.

Asian Bridal Lehenga Choli Suits by Kimora | Latest Asian Bridal Dresses 2014-2015

 Asian Bridal Lehenga Choli Suits by Kimora  | Latest Asian Bridal Dresses 2014-2015
Here we have another attractive and mesmeric Bridal Wear Collection for this wedding season 2014-2015. This one is from a local Indian Boutique fighting for international market share. This is Kimora Fashion making vibrant, colorful and creative formal and semi-formal dresses. This Best Bridal Collection 2014-2015 is one of the great collections. Each design represents how India has found its own expression with a variety of influential cultures around. You will definitely like these all Bridal dresses.
A double dupatta concept with mustard yellow lehenga in Manipuri silk and heavy gold zari work on red blouse, soft net ompre dupatta with a detailed border and gold embellishments.

Kimora is claiming pure Indian touch and design approach with diverse and rich variety of native designs and embroidery patterns. In this fresh bridal wear collection designer has brought some new concepts which have been praised and being liked. One of the most appealing concepts is double dopatta. Designer has designed bridal dresses with double dopatta, one for shoulder and one for covering the head. Both has been designed in different color and designs and embellished with rich and creative embroider and zari work. Collection has consists of native Indian dresses i.e. Bridal Salwar Kameez, Sarees and Lehenga Choli’s. Lehenga and Saree dresses have been nourished with embroidered blouses. Blouses have been designed in full, half and sleeve less pattern to offer a wide range of choice. Hope you will like all these best bridal dresses from Kimora Fashion.

Fashion Jewellery Rings & Accessories Women's Fashion 2014-15 | Vintage Diamond, Wedding & Designer Engagement Rings choice Your

Vintage Diamond, Wedding & Designer Engagement Rings choice Your 
The Hittite civilization produced rings including signet rings, only a few of which have been discovered.[2] Old Kingdom Egypt had a variety of finger rings, and a few basic examples have been found, including the famous scarab design.[2] Egyptian rings became more common during the middle kingdom, with increasingly complex designs.[2] As well as metal Egyptians made rings from faience some of which were used as new year gifts.[3] The various Egyptian styles were replaced by Greek and Roman fashions during the Ptolemaic dynasty.[2] Archaic and classical Greek Archaic Greek rings were to some extent influenced by Egyptian rings, although they tended to be less substantial and apparently weren't for the most part used as working signet rings.[4] A lack of locally available gold meant that rings made in the eastern colonies tended to be made from silver and bronze while Etruria used gold.[4]  The classical period showed a shift away from bronze, using more silver and gold. The most typical design of the period involved a lozenge bezel mounting an intaglio device.

Handmade Dainty Delicate Stackable Thin 18K Rose Gold and Silver Filigree Rings - Jewelry Rings Designs for Special Ladies Gift for Wedding , Birth Day and Valentine

Handmade Dainty Delicate Stackable Thin 18K Rose Gold  and Silver Filigree Rings

A ring is a circular band, usually in metal, worn as ornamental jewelleryaround the finger, or sometimes the toe; it is the most common current meaning of the word "ring". Strictly speaking a normal ring is a finger ring(which may be hyphenated); other types of rings worn as ornaments areearrings, bracelets for the wrist, armlets or arm rings, toe rings and torcs or neck rings, but except perhaps for toe rings, the plain term "ring" is not normally used to refer to these.

Rings are traditionally usually in metal but can be of almost any material:metal, plastic, stone, wood, bone, glass, gemstone to name a few. They may be set with a gem or stone of some sort, which is often a precious or semi-precious gemstone such as diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald, but can also be of almost any material.

Finger-ring wearing, choice of fingers

The fourth digit or ring finger of the left hand has become the customary place to wear a wedding ring in much of the world, though in certain countries the right hand finger is used.This custom was practically established as the norm during World War II.The use of the fourth finger of the left hand (the 'ring finger') is associated with an old belief that the left hand's ring finger is connected by a vein directly to the heart: the vena amoris or vein of love. This idea was known in 16th and 17th century England, when Henry Swinburnereferred to it in his book about marriage.[8] It can be traced back to ancient Rome, when Aulus Gellius cited Appianus as saying theancient Egyptians had found a fine nerve linking that particular finger to the heart.[9]

Monday, 27 January 2014

College Prepar Now's the Time for Bean Boots - Check the Size Bean Boots Supper Collection 2014-15

She Wears Bean Boots by L.L.Bean - Now's the Time for Bean Boots Supper Collection
An avid outdoorsman, Leon Leonwood Bean wanted to create a comfortable, dry pair of boots for tromping through the backwoods of Maine. Today, our signature boots are still sewn right here in Maine, one pair at a time, from premium full-grain leather. A supportive steel shank and our original rubber chain-tread bottom give you unmatched comfort and performance. While many boots on the market might look similar to L.L.Bean Boots, they lack the attention to detail and the premium-quality materials that have allowed ours to stand the test of time. Thinsulate™ Insulation olefin/polyester in rubber bottom for extra warmth during cold snaps.
I'm putting this out there because I've already been planning on whipping my out in the very near feature... It's totally the time to get Bean Boots. Seriously, you might find yourself wanting them in a few weeks, so order them now!

I remember my dad was telling me that I needed these "duck boots" before I went to Georgetown. They were certainly nothing like I had ever seen in Florida. Ever. I scoffed at him and laughed that anyone would ever wear those "weird" shoes. He bought me a pair (the mocs!) for my birthday my freshman year and I was still horrified. However, I wore them at least once a week from October to May... every. single. year.

Pakistani Long semi-Formal Pishwas | Semi-Formal Dresses By Aleez Collection 2014-15

Pakistani Long semi-Formal Pishwas 
Here we are with another fascinating andluxurious semi formal collection of South Asian ladies dresses. We have received hundreds of requests to publish aluxurious formal and semi formal dresscollection for the wedding and parties’ season of 2013-2014. To accomplish the need we have searched a lot and selectedAleez Semi Formal Collection. We are strongly recommending the collection to the girls who desire to look special on wedding events and parties.

Aleez is a local Pakistani clothing fashion brand delivering quality dresses embellished with fancy stuff and state of the art style and trends. After getting massive customer satisfaction and appraise Aleez has started offering its products around the globe. Aleez is working with a simple but elegant design philosophy. They are claiming high customer satisfaction by offering attractive, appealing designs nourished with motives and embroidery work. This collection is consists of long ankle length designer shalwar kameez and designer Anarkali dresses. Aleez has trimmed dresses with Western look and offered open shirt style. Neckline long shirts are looking gorgeous with extensive embroidery work on front side. Sleeveless ankle length shirts with leggy and trendy trouser are also appealing attires. Hope this heart touching formal designer collection and semi formal designer collection from Aleez will become the part of your wardrobe. In this collection designer has put best efforts to make the collection exclusive, special and luxurious. Let’s have a closer look to the entire collection.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Latest Party Wear Frocks / Anarkali Pishwas in Pink Theme | Pishwas in Lemon Color 2014-15

Latest Party Wear Frocks / Anarkali Pishwas in Pink Theme | Pishwas in Lemon Color
It is wedding / Party season in India and Pakistan—full of delight, fascination and colors. Party is not only the special occasion for bride, it also bring moments of contentment and communal congregation for other participants and especially for girls. In India and Pakistan girls prefer fancy Dresses, formal and colorful dresses normally embellished with stone, ornaments and Zari work—the famous way of nourishing party wear andformal dresses.Today we have brought one of the most alluring and legendary party wear dresses for girls of India and Pakistan devising a plan to attend a wedding ceremony or a wedding wish party. This is from an Online Store—one of the leading South Asian clothing online store in UK. Store proudly launched this Designer Anarkali Dress Collection for South Asian girls especially for those who are the residents of Europe. Let’s have a closer look to the entire collection.

The collection is the bunch of designer party wear Pishwas dresses. Designers have put their best effort to design such glorious fancy and Long Frocks for parties. Pishwas dresses are designer long shirt with churidar ethnic trouser and kaamdar doppata. One has a great deal of choice as makhan has presented this Pishwas collection in variety of bold, mild and bright colors. Entire collection is consists of dresses which will definitely attract others wherever you go. Designers have designed these designer dresses in matching bottom and doppata embellished with thread embroidery scheme whereas the same designing and embroidery technique has been used for neck and bust design. Dresses are available in Net and Georgette shirts withembroidered Chiffon and Silk dupatta’s. Hope you like this Fancy Formal Designer Embroidered Pishwas Dress Collection 2014-2015. 

Sleeveless Sarees Designs | Asian Favorite Saree Collection 2014-15

Sleeveless Sarees Designs | Asian Favorite Saree Collection 2014-15
With the recent waves of fashion it has blazed a rainbow of designer dresses in fashion industry. Every designer and fashion brand is developing favorite designer dresses especially designing formal and luxury dresses. Most South Asian designers have presented the native dresses completely in a new style with embellishment of Western and modern dress designing techniques, technology and art. 
Today we have brought a charming collection of shiny designer Indian Sarees for our beloved visitors. The collection is consists of best formal and semi formal native Indian sarees. The dress code is being widely used on different occasions, ceremonies and parties. This Flavor Designer Sarees Collection will give a wide range of colorful, embroidered and formal sarees for parties and wedding functions. Let’s have a closer look to the entire Flavor Designer collection.

Dye and dye fabric is in fashion again and most of sarees have been designed in dye and dye fabric nourished with thread embroidery. Saree pallu’s have been embroidered and printed in glorious designs to feel the dress like a luxury Saree dress whereas blouses have been designed in different varieties. You would find embroidered, simple and printed blouse with sleeveless, half sleeve and shoulder less patterns. Neck style blouses are also being introduced in this gloriousFlavor Indian Designer Sarees Collection 2014. Hope you like all these designer Indian sarees for woman.

Gul Ahmed Charmer use Silk Jumpsuit 2014-15 | Show Off by Gul Ahmed Royal Collection

Gul Ahmed Charmer use Silk Jumpsuit 2014-15
Are you boring with current fashion 2013 of parties don’t worry Gul Ahmed always take care about his valued customers. That’s why in this new trendsetting year, Gul Ahmed unveiled its Gul Ahmed G-Pret 2014 Vol-2 Collection. These areready to wear collection of Gul Ahmed for their royal customers. The fabric,embroidery, patterns and theme of the dresses are so fantastic that you will really like it. Let's have a close look on Gul Ahmed G-Pret 2014 Vol-2 Collection.

Recently Gul Ahmed released its Gul Ahmed G-Pret Vol-2 collection 2014 and disclosed its new designs of dresses. These Gul Ahmed royal dresses are draped with supreme quality of embroidery, cool and royal colors, and beautiful styles of dresses. In these G-Pret Gul Ahmed dresses, Gul-Ahmed introduced Gowns, Bias-Cut Halter Top, Pleated OFF Shoulder Charmeuse, Casual Shirt, Long and extra-long Shirts, frocks and many more. This is sharing these "Gul Ahmed ready to wear / ready-made royal dresses" with prices, so that our valued visitors can easily analyze the cost of the Gul Ahmed dresses and take decision to purchase. Hope you like our article and Royal dresses of Gul Ahmed so stay update with fashion and change your lifestyle.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Story of Pure Lehengas and Sarees Address - Latest Mehndi Design With South Asian Fashion Review

Story of Pure Lehengas and Sarees Address  - Latest Mehndi Design 
We are wishing you hearty carnival pleasure for 2014. We are very pleasant that we have completed another year journey of fashion with our precious visitors—our real property. During the entire year this site has presented the quality of South Asian clothing fashion. 2013 was the year of versatility in fashion. Lots of fashion brands have been introduced to the industry, hundreds of collections have been launched and thousands of designs have been made by the designers.
Today this site has brought an exclusive review of 2013 clothing fashion which has been exposed at all. During the entire year where our team has adroitly and jubilantly published the new collections of famous brands, has also introduced new emerging brands. The most appraising fashion trends on 
Anarkali Fashion Trends in 2013

2013 was a facsimile of old clothing fashion trends in South Asia. All cultural and ethnic dresses and designs have been invigorated by the famous designers. Anarkali fashion was at top of them. Anarkali dresses have been redesigned in modern look which have been really appreciated by the viewers. we has published several of Anarkali dress collections but the most prominent and most appraising Anarkali dress collection of 2013 was;
  • Bridal Anarkali Fashion
  • Indian Anarkali Fashion
  • Anarkali Floral Aesthetics
  • Anarkali Designs for Wedding
  • Fancy Anarkali Frocks
  • Thread Embroidered Anakrali Frocks
  • Bollywood Long Frock Fashion
  • Frock Shirts

Monday, 6 January 2014

Colorful Thread Embroidered Anarkali | Thread Embroidered Anarkali Frock 2014-15 | Latest Designer Anarkali Suits 2014-2015

Colorful Thread Embroidered Anarkali
This is a semi-formal embroidered designer Anarkali suit collection 2014consists of cotton, Indian designer,Pakistani designer and other Anarkali suits. The collection is best describing the need of time as wedding season is about to start in South Asia and South Asian girls are found of Bridal Anarkali Suits. Girls love to wear ethnic dresses on wedding events, parties and cultural occasions. Let's have a closer look onLatest Anarkali Suits Collection 2014-2015.
The collection has been taken from Andaaz Online Shopping Store. They are offering South Asian ethnic and modern dresses in all over the world. This Online Store has recently offered new collection of 2014 of Anarkali suits. The collection consists of colorful dresses embroidered and nourished for semi-formal purpose. The collection is best suited with this winter needs as Andaaz collected khaddar, cotton and silk sarees, embroidered dresses and Anarkali dresses as well. Color scheme is just awesome and collection contains all bold, tunic and light color Anarkali dress. Black is dominated along with the combination of other vibrant colors. Hope you will like this latest designer Anarkali dresses of 2014 offering by Online Store.

All these designer Anarkali Suits are available on online store, Girls and women can wear these dresses as party wear, wedding wear and also as semi-formal dress. These new Anarkali designer dresses are decorated with embroidered work. These Ready-made Anarkali suits look efficient with churi-pajama as these are Indian Designer Anarkali Suits and Pakistani Designer Anarkali Suits as well. Hope you enjoy this article, stay update with latest fashion.
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Embroidered Silk Saree with the Multipul Color 2014-2015 | New Year Saree Collection For Asian Party Wear Brand

Are you planning to attend a wedding ceremony and looking for some gorgeousparty wears dresses or any special occasion? How about saree? Oh, is it great idea? Today this sites has brought a tremendousOccasion saree (Sari) collection 2014/15for those girls and women wants to wearparty wear saree (Sari) in a wedding ceremony. The collection has been taken fromOccasion Sarees—one of leading saree dress designer of India. This is what every girl wants to shine in parties.
This occasion sarees collection brings silk party wear, semi formal sarees and designer sarees for parties, wedding ceremonies and festivals. All the saree dresses consists of three parts. Three piece saree dresses consists of Stylish blouse, saree pallu and saree skirt. Saree blouse are in simple and base color whereas saree skirt has been printed. Saree pallu has both printed and embroidered designs. Moreover saree dresses 2014-2015 have been nourished to give a fancier look. Moreover the collection has a wide range of colors. All colors are very much pretty and decent for parties especially for wedding ceremonies. Hope you will like this Season Semi Formal Sarees Collections for Special events/Occasion/Parties and will brought one for you