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Monday, 31 March 2014

Kesa Embroidered Salwar Kameez Tail Trouser with Embroidered Shirts by Lala Textile 2014 | Kesa Embroidered Summer/Spring Collection 2014 by Lala Textile

Kesa Embroidered Summer/Spring Collection 2014 by Lala Textile
Lala Textile has launched its novel collection for spring summer season 2014. It is Kesa Embroidered Collection with Digital Print Dupattas. As the collection title exhibits that the collection will be comprised of embroidered kameez (shirt) and digitally printed dopatta’s. Kesa by Lala embroidered lawn collection was the most awaiting collection of this summer 2014, Lala has just launched. Let’s have a look.
Lala has adopted the change in real manners. With the passage of time Lala Textile has not only upgrade its production process of fabric manufacturing but also explores the new ventures of business and clothing market. By adopting the current strategy of ready to wear and embroidered dresses, Lala has introduced several printed and embroidered dress collections to grab market share. In the same spirit Lala Textile has launched another brand with the name of Kesa. In this Kesa Embroidered Collection with Digital Print Dupattas, Lala introduced semi-formal embroidered shirts for formal use in this spring and summer season 2014. Dyed shalwar and digitally print dupatta has been coupled with embroidered kameez. Dresses are available in vibrant colors matching your personality demands. Hope you will like the dresses of Kesa Embroidered Collection 2014 with digital print doppatta’s. Shirts (Kameez) have been embroidered from both sides to nourish the dress even better.

Chiffon Sleeves with Embroidered Shirt Morning Show Host Shaista Lodhi in Nifil Siddique | Shaista Lodhi Featuring Nofil Saddique Collection 2014-15

Shaista Lodhi Featuring Nofil Saddique Collection 2014-15
Nofil Siddiqui is in fashion news nowadays. It is upcoming lawn collection of spring summer 2014. It is a new label going to be launched in April. Nofil Siddiqui Spring Summer Lawn Collection will be launched in Expo exhibition scheduled on 4th, 5th and 6th April, 2014. Hope you all will attend the exhibition of upcoming Nofil Siddiqui Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2014. Let's have a closer look onembroidered collection 2014 by Nofil Siddiqui.
It would be the astonishing news for some of you that model and gorgeous actress Shaista Lodhi has modeled in the promotion of this Nofil Siddiqui Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2014. At first look, the dresses are looking gorgeous, nourished with fresh looking colors. Eye-catching lawn prints will enlighten up your mood and personality. So, don’t miss the lawn exhibition at Exp on 4th, 5th and 6th April, 2014 to have a closer look of Nofil Siddiqui Spring Summer Lawn Dresses.

Funky & Arab Style Casual and Formal Wear New Style of Two Shaded Dress by Five Star 2014 | Five Star Digital Vogue Embroidered Summer/Spring Collection 2014

Five Star Digital Vogue Embroidered Summer/Spring Collection 2014
Five Star Textile Industries—a name of quality, creativity and style has just launched its novel summer lawn collection for the summer season 2014. This is another spectacular addition in Five Star Textiles brand portfolio. This time Five Star has come up with embroidered stuff and launcheddigital embroidered dresses. This is Digital Vogue Embroidered Summer Collection 2014consists of digitally embroidered cum printed native shalwar kameez dresses.
Five Star Textiles is a distinctive textile manufacturer. The company is promoting its unique values and goals through creativity of its products. After entering in ready to wear market, Five Star has given a new touch to the industry by delivering total customer satisfaction. For this summer 2014, Five Star has already launched its summer lawn collections in three volumes. After putting a decent amount of fabulous printed lawn dresses, Five Star has now launched superbly designed embroidered dress collection. In thisDigital Vogue Embroidered Summer Lawn Collection, Five Star has launched 3-PC dresses consists of embroidered neckline kameez fabric, printed chiffon dopatta and dyed shalwar. Superbly printed shirts have been nourished with fabulous piece of embroidery work and the work has been done through digital machines. Color range is also bold and demanding. Hope you like this fantastic embroidered summer lawn collection of Five Star.

Farida Hasan Best Fashion 2014 | Eastern Sleeveless Suits | Eastern Wear Dresses Set Up Farida Hasan for Summer/Spring 2014-15

 Eastern Sleeveless Suits | Eastern Wear Dresses Set Up Farida Hasan 
What do you think about class? A prototype or distinctive, irreplaceable and vogue? In my point of view, everyone has its own meanings of a ”Class”. Class is what David Gilmour has in music, Sachin has in cricket and Gul Ji in calligraphy. So, today we has brought a class for you. A class of spring summer attires. This is Farida Hasan Spring Summer Collection 2014. The collection consists of luxuriously designed formal and semi-formal spring summer dresses designed by Farida Hasan. 
Ayaz Anis was a man who shot these spectacular shots. Hope you really enjoy like and will appraise the incredible work of Farida Hasan.
I really don’t have words for Farida Hasan; she is a class in fashion and clothing designing. Farida Hasan is the most promising, creative and futuristic dress designer of Pakistan. She is running and fashion house and serving as a creative director of Farida Hasan Fashion House. In the field of luxury pret dresses, Farida Hasan has earned a respectable position and people are now following her style and creativity. In this Spring Summer Collection 2014, Farida Hasan has shown her class of creativity and sophistication in designs. Semiformal dresses have been nourished with thread embroidery and motif work. Farida Hasan has used neckline, border line and allover embroidery techniques to embellish these spring summer dresses. This Spring Summer Collection 2014 by Farida Hasan is for modern girls, demanding high class dresses delivering modern look. Hope this Spring Summer Collection 2014 by Farida Hasan will change you thinking about class in dress designing.

Damark Long Kurti for Pencil Trouser & Funky Kurti | Damak Yoke Kurti Style & Long Kurti for Jeans 2014 | Damak Kurti Fashion 2014-15

Damark Spring Kurti/Kurta Dresses | Damak Chunnat Kurti Style 2014 
Here we are going to present another spectacular spring summer collection for this summer season 2014. This is Damak Spring Summer Dress Collection 2014 launched by Damak clothing label last night. The collection is combination of simplicity, style and comfortless. Simple and stylish Kurti have been presented in different look to grab the segment of girls demanding simple but elegant summer clothing. Hope this Damak Spring Summer Collection 2014 will also have something for you and you like it.
Damak is another emerging clothing brand of Pakistan struggling in this highly competitive clothing and fashion market. Damak has selected a niche market segment and developed a niche product. Simple, elegant and sober dresses for spring summer season. The dresses in this Damak spring summer dressescan be used casually at home, for college and school going girls and as evening attires. To enhance the beauty and to give a little fancier look Damak has done a little embroidered work on kameez. Damak has presented all sober colours like black, green sea green, purple, red and blue colors in this Damak Spring Summer Colellction 2014. Damak has developed these dresses in cotton, chiffon and georgette fabric to give a feel of comfort.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Long Shirt with Churi Pajama New Collection of Kayseria Summer Dresses 2014-15 | Self Print / Semi-Printed Kayseria Classic Summer Collection 2014

Self Print / Semi-Printed Kayseria Classic Summer Collection 2014
Old wine in new bottle—this is Kayseria Spring Summer Collection 2014, the collection of classic lawn prints in modern attires. In this spring summer collection 2014, Kayseria has presented beautiful lawn prints in small theme in energetic and bold colors of spring season. The collection will change your concepts about lawn printing. Kayseria has introduced cultural formal dresses in this spring summer collection 2014. You want to look at all deigns?, follow me…!
Start with a small setup in 2009, Kayseria has grown as one of the finest clothing brand of Pakistan. Kayseria’s promising work has leaded the brand towards the heights of industry with a delegation and complete customer satisfaction and loyalty. Kayseri is a name of color was used in ancient India. To inspire from color, Kayseria brand has been introduced because the color was a symbol of quality. Similarly, Kayseria brand has set new designing standards in market by reminding people about the fashion of their origin. In this 3-PC dress collection 2014, Kayseria has input its fantastic attires in a great sense of inspiration from classic lawn prints and classic dress patterns. Hope you definitely like this old wine in new bottle—classic lawn prints in modern way, proudly launched by Kayseria.

Double Shirt Angarkha & Collar Bane Shirt Set Up Kurti Pret by Moods & Shades 2014 | Moods and Shades Smart Casual Dresses for Summer/Spring 2014-15

 Moods and Shades Smart Casual Dresses 
Moods & Shades, probably you have listen the phrase. It is an emerging brand label of women clothing working in casual, semi-formal and formal dress designing. A couple of years ago, Moods and Shades ladies clothing brand has developed for the sake of providing quality clothing to the industry. Today we have brought Moods and Shades recently launched summer dress collection. This is Smart Casual Collection 2014 for spring summer season 2014. 
Single color dresses have been embellished with creative prints, embroidery and strip works. Hope you really like the designs of this Smart Casual Prints of Moods and Shades for this spring summer season 2014.
Moods and Shades is a promising fashion and clothing brand of Pakistan striving to develop quality dresses in the wake of trendy fashion. Moods and Shades has an enriched brand and label portfolio including casual wear, party wear, evening wear, semiformal and formal wear. Hope Moods and Shades will start developing bridal wears soon. In this Smart Casual collection 2014, Moods and Shades introduced simple but elegant casual dresses for summer season. The dresses have little work of strip and embroidery. Some dresses have been printed in floral and abstract designs but in a same pattern. If you like elegance in combination of simplicity, this Moods and Shades Smart Casual Collection 2014will be the best choice for you.

Floral Printed Suits & Bridal Digital Silk Pret by Mina Hasan 2014-15 | Mina Hassan Digital Printed Summer/Spring Pret Collection 2014-15

Mina Hassan Digital Printed Summer/Spring Pret Collection 2014-15
Do you ever think about luxurious summer dresses? Obviously you are thinking like others, if you are fashion lover. Designing a pret dress is a game of gamble, your prestige and repute was on stake and at high risk. Creativity is an alone factor which can save your prestige and repute in fashion market and every fashion and dress designer has not been given with such a high power input of creativity. But, today we has brought, another spectacular, tremendous and imaginatively creative Mina Hasan pret. 
Yes, this is Mina Hassan’s work, embellished with state of the art pret dress designing technique coupled with real creativity. This is Mina Hassan Digital Printed Summer Pret Collection 2014. In this summer pret collection, Mina Hassan introduced highly creative digital summer prints. The quality has not been compromised by Mina Hassan, so this pret collection also composed of premium quality chiffon, lawn and cotton fabric embellished with colorful and creative printed designs. Hope you like this fabulous semi-formal summer pret collection of Mina Hassan.
Mina Hassan was entered in fashion and clothing market in 2002. Initially she was working on semiformal women dresses but with the passage of time, Mina Hassan started developing formal and luxury dresses as well. Mina Hassan’s bridal dresses are the symbol of creativity. She has a simple philosophy, designing gorgeously incredible dresses exhibiting luxury look in both classic and modern way. Mina Hassan has contributed in several fashion shows and events through the platform of Pakistan and has become a well renowned and creative fashion designer of Pakistan. Hope you like this Mina Hassan Digital Print Pret Summer Collection 2014.

Two Shaded Kurti Fashion in NL Pret Collection 2014 | Nishat Linen Pret Collection-2014-2015

 Nishat Linen Pret Collection-2014-2015
Nonstop fun and craze of Lawn prints continuous in Pakistan for this spring summer season 2014. Everybody is busy in spring summer shopping. This summer girls have a wide variety in designs and patterns in unstitched, stitched and ready to wear lawnand chiffon dresses. Small floral and abstract patterns are hot and in fashion this year. You could have observed that every collection launched by any brand or label introduced typical floral and object prints.
You did not have seen any sort of creative work in the line of spring summer lawn dresses for this 2014summer season. So, once again she9 has brought a unique thing for its visitors. Like always, our team has explored the best, creative and stylish lawn prints for this summer season 2014. These are lawn prints proudly launched by Nishat Linen. This is NL Pret Collection 2014. The collection consists of Blend Traditions!!! Bloom Styles for spring summer 2014. Hope you like the concept Nishat Linen has introduced this year.
"Nishat in clothing designing is as creative as Messi in Football". In this Nishat Pret Spring Summer Collection, Nishat designers have created a master piece exhibiting height of creative dress designing. Dresses are looking multicolor creative painted sheet more or less. Use of tiny objects in lawn prints have embellished the beauty of dresses Nishat has launched in this Nishat Pret Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2014. Colors which have been used in this collection are creating hollow effects. Moreover, the dresses serve the casual objective of summer season dress. This Nishat Pret Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2014 launched by Nishat Linen will make a difference in fashion market and this would be the first launch for creative niche market segment in spring summer lawn market of Pakistan.

KESA Embroidered Collection with Digital Print Dupatta Show Off by Lala Textile 2014 | Kesa Embroidered Collection 2014 by Lala Textile

 Kesa Embroidered Collection 2014 by Lala Textile 
We have brilliant news for you; Lala textile is going to introduce its embroidered Collection soon. Yes! Lala is going to unveil its Exclusive embroidered chiffon Dresses with digital printed chiffon Dupatta. All these threads embroidered chiffon collection are going to be launched on 29th March-2014 with very economical rate, which is PKR 3150/= only. Inspired by the colors of the world, KESA by Lala is diverse, based in Cotton/lawn with Dobbies, Lawn and Swiss prints. Let's have a look on KESA Embroidered Collection-14.
Kesa collection 2014 by Lala will be vacant in energetic colors in 16 several designs, but after reviewing these two dresses which are uploaded are just brilliant, In which on dress in two shaded colors (White and Cyan) have beautiful full embroidered long neckline bunch, with lace patti on net chiffon sleeves and a beautiful patch on bottom of the shirt. This dress looks sophisticated with Palazzo / Plasma / Wide Bottom Trouser/ Tail Trouser. The second dress is Anarkali Dress with graceful embroidered neckline and embroidered bunch on the belly of the frock. Most of these embroidered dresses of KESA have chiffon dupatta. Well we will update this collection very Soon. So keep visiting She9 to change your lifestyle.

Metro Shoes New Arrival High Heel Foot Wear for Girls 2014 by Bonjour | Metro Bonjour S-S Shoes Summer/Spring Collection 2014 Ladies Choice

Metro Bonjour S-S Shoes Summer/Spring Collection 2014 Ladies Choice 
Here we are going to present New Arrival of Women Footwear presented by Metro Shoes. This Metro Shoes New Arrival 2014includes dashing flat Sandal designs, Flat Jelly Chappal designs, X Strap Wedge footwear designs and Ancona Heels variety and many mores. You will surprise to see this gigantic variety of ladies footwear presented by Metro Shoes in its New Arrival Collection 2014. To buy your favorite one, you can visit your nearest Metro Shoes Store or can take through Metro Shoes Online Store.
Metro Shoes is a top brand of ladies shoes delivering quality footwear since 1986. Metro Shoes is a name of quality and a leading label of footwear. Metro is a leader in casual, fancy, formal and bridal footwear. Moreover the company is also manufacturing hand bags, clutches and men shoes. Metro Shoes always strive for best and offer quality footwear stuff in wide variety of designs. If you are looking for trendy ladies chappal, sandal or fancy formal high heal sandal, Metro Shoes will a right choice for you. With superior quality products through excellent customer services, Metro Shoes is delivering total customer satisfaction in Pakistani footwear market. Hope you like this fabulous new arrival 2014 of Metro Shoes in ladies segment. Hurry up, the stock and designs are limited, go and buy your favorite Flat Chappal or High Heal Formal Fancy Bridal Sandal.

Borjan Sandal & Chappal for Girls for Summer/Spring Collection 2014 | New Arrival Borjan Shoes/Hell Summer 2014-15

New Arrival Borjan Shoes/Hell Summer 2014-15
We has recently published new arrival collections 2014 of Pakistani top footwear brands. Hope you like stylish slippers, sandals and ladies shoes presented by Stylo and Metro Shoes. Here we are going to publish another spectacular and emerging footwear brand of Pakistani footwear industry. Yes, this is Borjan—a promising footwear brand of Pakistan. Borjan is working with total customer care strategy by delivering quality products in competitive prices. 
Borjan has more than 70 store outlets in more than 45 cities of Pakistan. Borjan Shoes has a unique and distinguished business and product philosophy. It is manufacturing shoes that reflect your personality, taste and attitude. A widespread product portfolio includes men and women formal, fancy and casual shoes. Furthermore, Borjan is developing trendy formal and casual ladies slipper, chappals and pumpies. Borjan’s bridal footwear is very famous due to their exclusive designs and stylish patterns.

Stylo Coat Shoes for Girls & Casual Fancy Casual Chappal 2014-15 | Stylo Shoes/Sandals Trendy Summer Collection 2014 for Girls

Stylo Shoes/Sandals Trendy Summer Collection 2014 for Girls
This is Stylo Shoes New Arrival Collection 2014. Stylo has launched its exclusive footwear designs for this summer; all designs are available on all Stylo outlets and online shopping store of Stylo. In this new arrival season 2014, Stylo is presenting High Heal Bridal slippers, Casual Flat Chappals, Pumps and Sandals. Bridal Slippers are available in golden, silver, Ferozi and all charming colors. Pumps and casual chappals are also available in all casual colors. Let's have a closer look on Stylo Ladies Footwear Collection-14. 

In this Style Shoes New Summer Collection 2014, Stylo has introduced a wide range of Sandals designs in beautiful colors. So, walk in style and passion with Stylo Shoes. Stylo Shoes is a promising footwear brand of Pakistan. Since its origin, Stylo has emerged itself a unique, creative and promising footwear brand. It is one of the finest quality footwear manufacturers of Pakistan. Style Shoes is a brand which changed style thinking and market atmosphere of ladies footwear in Pakistan. Stylo’s creative footwear designers are offering a wide range of variety in ladies shoes, chappal and sandals. Highly skilled craftsmen developing quality footwear with state of the art manufacturing process embellished with fine quality accessory chain. In this fresh summer arrival collection 2014 for spring summer season, Style has introduced.

New Arrivals for Girls Special Sandals Set Up by Stylo for Summer/Spring 2014-15 | Video Commercial of Stylo Ladies Shoes S-14

Video Commercial of Stylo Ladies Shoes S-14
Stylo has launched its new arrival of Stylo Shoes summer collection 2014 with dazzling designs in very economical rates which is starting from PKR 750. To wear your style this summer, trendy summer shoes collection has been launched and available in store now. Here we have shared TVC of Stylo Ladies Shoes Collection 2014. Stylo share this TV Commercial to reveal its unique and best ladies shoes collection. Let's have a closer look on New Arrival Stylo Shoes TVC-2014hope you will like it.

Sohni Lawn Set Up by Moon Textile 2014-15 | Sohni Lawn always the standard of Moon textile 2014

Sohni Lawn always the standard of Moon textile 2014 
The fabric of Sohani Lawn is highly sophisticated and extra ordinary fascinated, consisting on fresh prints and very bright, eye- catching amazing colors. Sohni lawn collection 2014 is something more than attractive and appealing to the eyes and capture the environment in its spell. Floral prints and elegant designs are flourishing the dress. In fact Moon textiles are quite famous in producing the new fashion line for the woman every time when they have launched something new in the fashion industry
i.e. lawn 3-piece suites Dupatta, shalwar and lawn shirt in this collection. Although fabric is printed but the eye-catching, color combination, geometric and floral designs will definitely drag the ladies attention successfully. The color combination is so perfect and gives a sophisticated look. 
Moon textile has launched another collection which gives the impression to be very glamorous and stylish. Among many labels they have launched special label "Sohni Lawn" for the women across the country.
It is quite obvious that Moon Textile is recognized by good quality and standard. They set standard in the world of fashion and style as well, so there is no doubt in the fabric quality. It is always up to the standard and product is always according to the desire of fashion. The yarn count of Sohni Lawn is 66 * 64, each dress is based on 3 pieces suit, shalwar ,shirt and dupatta. Each suit contains three matching, or three design colors for different taste. Dupatta is so wide to give an elegant look. Decent print provides grace to ladies. The measurement of each suit is 7.5 meters with reasonable price range . In fact the collection of Moon Textile creates its own place in the market. Fabric quality, prints, and designs are fabulous and give glamorous look to the outfit. Reasonable rates are easy approach for the customers.www.moontextile.com

Embroidered Bunch for Neckline/Gala Indian Angarkha and Drop Corner Shirt by Dawood 2014-15 | Dawood Royal Swiss Lawn Collection 2014 Vol-1

Dawood Royal Swiss Lawn Collection 2014 Vol-1 
Dawood has become one of the strong group to initiate the fashion. Yes! Dawood was the first company who initiate to introduce its Lawn Collection in summer 2014 before other big companies and then continuously introducing a huge series of dresses like, Zam Zam, Liali, Zara Sara, and Golden Lawn and then Aalishan Chiffon and recently Dawood Textile introduced one more brand in summer 2014. That is Dawood Royal Swiss. Have a closer look.
Here we are going to share you Dawood Royal Swiss Lawn Collection 2014, with best royal collection in embroidered, semi embroidered and printed collection. You can find out here thread embroidered bunch of neckline, belly of the shirt and beck of the shirt also have cut-sleeve style, Indian Angarkha, Half Angarkha, Sleeveless Kameez, strap shirt, Tail Frock and drop corner shirts. All these Swiss Lawn Collection has best color contrast, according to fashion.

Luxury Embroidered Saree Show Off by Asim Jofa 2014-15 | Asim Jofa Luxury Party Wear for DIVA Magazine Collection 2014

Asim Jofa Luxury Party Wear for DIVA Magazine Collection 2014
After the hell of a wait now we have good news for Asim Jofa designer lovers. Yes! After a long time, Asim Jofa took a brilliant step in fashion and is going to introduce its summer collection 2014 in embroidered lawn and this is not a normal embroidered, it is Luxury Embroidered Lawn collection 2014. ThisLuxury Lawn by Asim Jofa will be launched very soon and As soon as these luxury lawn dresses will be unpacked, She9 will update it shortly.
Here is going to share you some party wear collection by Asim Jofa which will force you to say “Crazy Crazy Crazy" There is some Asim Jofa Party Wear collection shot by Guddu Shani and the model is AMNA ILYAS for Diva Magazine. These are Crazy Party Wear collection because at the time of comparison Asim Jofa focused on traditions modernism of India and Pakistan in the form of luxury sarees and full embroidered shirt. Here you can find out some pictures which has been taken from Diva Catalog, Hope you will like it.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

beautiful dress Preen By Thornton Bregazzi Autumn-Winter 2014 | Thornton Bregazzi Show Off Autumn Winter 2014 Assemblage Offering by Preen

About the brand
The most famous and preeminent brand of London that is Preen. It was established in 1996. This brand manufactured urban wear outfits for men and women accessories, jewelry and leather goods.

About the designer
Preen brand introduce by two well known and distinguished fashion designer and partner & Thornton Bregazzi.

Autumn winter collection Preen by Thornton Bregazzi
Recently Thornton Bregazzi launched their autumn winter collection for girls. The collection of Thornton Bregazzi is very stupefied. We also present pictures of this collection and also tell about the dresses design that we are going mentioned below.

A /w Dresses of Preen by Thornton Bregazzi
This collection consist of collar style ankle length over coat, full sleeve shirt with trouser, full sleeve ankle length frock style dress, fur coats, tunic dress, bomber coat, long blazer, Minnie, romper dress, pant coat, ankle length skirts, pant coat & sweaters.

Colors used in the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi collection
Dark and shiny color is utilized like silver, charcoal, bright red, white, black, dark greenish, brown, navy blue, & charcoal.

Fabric used in the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi collection
Some dresses have printed fabric and some are solid like wool, blended, yarn, leather, fur fleece, cashmere, chiffon.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi A/W collection appropriate for
The collection Thornton Bregazzi has asymmetrical designs which according to the western women taste. Essentially this compilation is ready for casual and official wear. Entirely collection is very superb.

Bonanza Round Neckline & V-Neckline Kurti Fashion 2014 | Bonanza Medium Length Single Collar Kurti Style | Bonanza Kurti Summer/Spring Collection 2014

Bonanza Kurti Summer/Spring Collection 2014
After Bonanza Satrangi Summer LawnCollection 2014, Bonanza has introduced one more brand, Yes! Bonanza has updated it summer collection 2014 and recently launched its ready to wear single Kurti Pret and lawn, Linen collection-14. These StitchedBonanza Kurti Pret Spring-Summer 2014 dresses are so much fabulous that you will really like to wear it. Well let's have a closer look on these Bonanza Kurti Pret & Linen Collection 2014-2015, Hope you will like it.
Bonanza has launched these single stitched kurti pret for fashionable girls. You can find out here linen kurti in Adjustable Sleeves, Printed V neckline, Medium Kurti, Round Neck, Collar Style, Double Pocket, Long Open Shirt, Cuts Style Front and long Length Style ladies Kurti. Girls can wear these Ladies Kurta with Legging and jeans.

Sleeveless Suits with Chiffone Dupatta Set Up AlKaram Single Version Collection by Umar Sayeed 2014-15 | Umar Sayeed Spring Collection 2014 by Alkaram Studio

Umar Sayeed Spring Collection 2014 by Alkaram Studio 
Finally Al Karam Studio has updated its Facebook page with Umar Sayeed Spring Collection 2014. The collection will be in stores from tomorrow 28th March, 2014. As we mentioned earlier, this Umar Sayeed Spring Collection 2014 has been developed by Al Karam Studio with the amalgamation of the master of creativity, the designer Umar Sayeed. The collection has been launched in rich variety of colors, designs and patterns and the inbuilt creativity of Umar Sayeed. So, let’s have a look.
Alkaram Studio is famous in clothing market of Pakistan due to its state of the art technology and creative designers. On the other side, Umar Sayeed is one of the most creative and promising fashion designers of Pakistan. Think what will happen if both work together. Definitely they will develop a master piece. This happened now; we are here with novel Umar Sayeed Spring Collection 2014 just launched from the platform of Alkaram Studio. The collection consists of 5-PC, 6-PC and 7-PC dresses. 1 piece of printed shirt, extra sleeves, dyed shalwar, embroidered front panel for shirt, digital print border and chiffon printed dopatta. Instead of this some dresses are available with extra accessories. Digitally printed shirts after the embellishment of embroidered front will charm your personality in this spring season 2014. Hope you like this Umar Sayeed Spring Collection 2014, proudly launched by Al Karam Studio.

Pakistani Skirt & Strapless Blouse from House of Umar Sayeed 2014-15 | House of Umar Sayeed Summer-Spring 2014

House of Umar Sayeed Summer-Spring 2014
This is House of Umar Sayeed Spring Summer Fancy/Formal Wear Collection 2014—the only version of its type we have observed yet. It is the formal and fancy wear collection for spring summer season 2014,Umar Sayeed has designed for modern girls really want to wear fancy and formal western look dresses. The dresses can be used for summer night parties, functions and gatherings. Let’s have a closer look to these fancy and formal spring summer attires from House of Umar Sayeed.
House of Umar Sayeed is a promising, intellectual and creative fashion house having expertise in couture,bridal collection, Psyche and formal men’s wear. Umar Sayeed has roots deep inside fashion and clothing industry and has been serving the industry for more than 20 years. With the passage of time Umar Sayeed has developed state of the art technique and high end fashion creativity to serve the niche—girls wants to wear unique, creative and versatile attires. House of Umar Sayeed has developed nationwide recognition in creative clothing and fashion designing. The dresses are in this House of Umar Sayeed Spring Summer Collection are fancy saree, modern embroidered short skirt and printed embroidered one piece garments dress. Hope you like these modern designs of incredibly developed high end fashion attires.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Indian and Arabic Mehndi for Backside of Hand Pea-cock Mehndi Style 2014 | Arabic, Indian & Bridal Mehndi/Henna Designs For Feet and Hand 2014-15

Arabic, Indian & Bridal Mehndi/Henna Designs For Feet and Hand 2014-15
Subcontinent region of South Asia holds a very close association with regions native cultural values deep rooted in the age of Mughal Empires. Most of ancient traditions, values and customs are still alive in region somehow in modified shapes. The way Indian, Pakistani and Bangali people celebrating their ancient events and customs are not changed enough when we look back. Wedding ceremonies, religious events like Eid, Holi, Karva Chauth and even regional galas are being celebrated in a same spirit.
Girls of that region have deep association with traditional methods of fashion like ancient dress designing, jewellery and most importantly the use of Mehndi. Mehndi is deep rooted in Indian and Pakistani culture and a significant relation with cultural and traditional values. With the passage of time we have observed some changes, the novel styles and techniques have been discovered for Mehndi designing and manufacturing which add more charm and glow. Gradually, Mehndi Designing is becoming an Industry and in India there are some clubs and associations working for Mehndi, promoting Mehndi designing culture and educating girls about new modern ways of Mehndi designing. The phenomenon is generating new talent in Mehndi art and exploring new vistas of the Mehndi market as it has now become industry rather an Art.

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Feet & Mehndi Tattoo for Body for Girls Show Off by Sonya Patel 2014 | Indian Arabin & Pakistani Mehndi Pictures / Images Set Up by Sonya Patel

Indian Arabin & Pakistani Mehndi Pictures / Images Set Up by Sonya Patel
So viewer, hope you like incredible Mehndi designs of Sheetal Sheth, especially her creative Indo-Arabic Mehndi designs. Here we are with another collection of Mehnid designs—another spectacular work of another Indian creative Mehndi designer. This is Sonya Patel, a professional Mehndi designer cum makeup artist. She lives in Ahmedabad, India and running a beauty parlor. Have a look onBest Indian, Arabic & Pakistani Mehndi Collection 2014.
In her beauty parlor, Sonya Patel is delivering Mehndi design services, beauty and makeup services to her valuable clients. But the objective of this article is to unleashed Sonya’s Mehndi designing art. She has a good sense of humor of applying Mehndi paste in creative and versatile approach. Her Indian Mehndi designs are exhibiting her intellectual and knowledge of Mehndi art. Moreover Sonya Patel has learned applying Arabic Mehndi designs with the passage of time. Sonya’s expertises are in applying Bridal Mehndi Designs, Party Mehndi Designs and Mehndi designs for occasions. You will probably like Sonya’s work by looking at her portfolio. Hope you like Sonya Patel’s creative, dashing and bold Mehndi designs as you like Sheetal Sheth’s work.

Arabian Touch Sangria Abaya Dresses | Amber Green Petrol Abaya Dress | Luxury Abaya Dresses 2014-2015

Red and Brown Embroidered Abaya Couture Fashion 2014
A new category is created in Abaya dresseswhich are also known as Abaya. Yes! Here you will find out some colorful Abaya Collection, you may also suggest a title as”Arabian new colorful Abaya fashion”. These are Adorable Amber Indigo Abaya Dresses, designed in round neckline, V-Style, Short and embroidered neckline, long and short sleeves, floral decorations on neckline and sleeves, rosette detail and solid color design. These Abaya will give you a pretty look like a luxury Abaya Dress.

Embroidered Long with Patch Bottom Western Style Sleeveless Dresses Show Off by Chen One 2014-15 | ChenOne Fashion Night for Pareesa Lawn-2014

  ChenOne Fashion Night for Pareesa Lawn-2014
Chen One has organized a fashion show to present its Pareesa Summer Lawn Collection 2014. Yes! This Fashion Night was held at La Atrium by ChenOne to display beautiful lawn collection of Pareesa. Most of these dresses are western Wear with strapless, Sleeveless, Strap Shirts, Backless, and Casual Lawn dresses in light and decent colors. Well let’s have a closer look on Chen-One Pareesa Lawn Fashion Night-2014. Hope you will like it.

Splash Fashion Upper Casual Wear Jeans for Fashionable Girl 2014-15 | Splash Casual Jeans, Blouse, Skirt, Shirt Summer/Spring Collection 2014

  Splash Casual Jeans, Blouse, Skirt, Shirt Summer/Spring Collection 2014
This is Splash casual wear collection 2014exhibiting high street fashion trends. Splash has introduced a wide array of casual dresses including casual jeans, casual trouser andcasual skirts in modern designs. Moreover, Splash casual wear spring summer collection 2014 will take you back in 1990’s fashion. The patterns and colors are reflecting the vintage look. It is a girl’s exclusive and Splash introduced some casual jeans, trousers and tops in floral patterns with denim look. Have a look on Splash S-S-14 for Girls. 
Ladies casual shirts are also included in this Splash spring summer collection 2014. Simple casual collar shirts, tops, floral round neck and casual knotted shirts will be your first choice in this summer for casual parties. Splash has worked in Bold and attractive color contrasts to develop a unique casual wear in the wake of high street penetrated fashion. Splash’s one piece garments and blazers will allow you to update your wardrobe in ethnic style. Sleeveless washed denim casual shirts, uppers and tops will lighten up the light side of your spring summer life. So, want to crazy with this fabulous Splash spring summer casual wear collection 2014? Just visit the official page of Splash.
Splash is a promising international garments and clothing brand headquartered in Dubai. Developing new trends in fashion, Splash has taken steps in high street fashion, formal men and women clothing and trendy lifestyle garments development to please the world in a different way. Splash has a diverse product portfolio ranging from Splash Youth, Splash Woman, Splash Accessories, Splash Smart, Splash DNM and so forth.

Blossom Colors Strapless Lawn Suit for Western Girls Casual Wear by Firdous Textile 2014-15 | Firdous Printed Lawn 2014-2015 Catalog

  Firdous Printed Lawn 2014-2015 Catalog
It’s just a beginning of spring summer season 2014. Weather is pleasant and charming. Girls start wearing colorful lawn dresses to enjoy the sweet warmness and bliss of spring gala. So, for our valued visitors,it has brought another colorful, charming and splendid summer lawn collection 2014 Firdous has just launched. This is Firdous Collection Lawn 2014, consists of all printed lawn dresses. So, let’s walk through and take a quick tour of lawn prints of this Firdous Collection Lawn 2014.
This year Firdous has already launched Firdous Korean Lawn Collection 2014, Firdous Spring Summer Shirt Collection 2014, and Spring Summer Exclusive Lawn Collection 2014. After getting a huge response from audience and customers, today Firdous has launched its novel collection for summer season 2014. It is Firdous Collection Lawn 2014, consists of all lawn prints embellished with sweet colors and eye-catching pawn prints. Firdous has launched this fabulous all printed lawn collection in three piece units. Fully printed from both sides shirt (Kameez) is looking gorgeous in state of the art floral and abstract patterns exhibiting the variety of color, hues and palates. Along with printed kameez, single color dyed shalwar fabric is there. One can stitch shalwar, trouser or palazzo on her own choice or even can use leggy. Most importantly the most beautiful and charming thing in this Firdous Collection Lawn 2014 is printed dopatta. Doppata piece has been designed in matching color and style to give a uniform look to the entire dress. One can use these dresses in summer evening parties. Charming colors will charm, delight and shine your personality in this spring summer season 2014. Hope you like this fabulous lawn collection of Firdous.

Two Shaded Monarca New Collection Sleeveless Rashid Textile Lawn by Monarca 2014 | Monarca Lawn Summer/Spring Collection 2014 Vol-1 by Rashid Textile

  Monarca Lawn Summer/Spring Collection 2014 Vol-1 by Rashid Textile
Rashid Tex Mart is a proud clothing store of Rashid Textile Printing Industries. To introduce mart concept Rashid Textile contributed in industry development. By entering in ready to wear and branded clothing market Rashid Textile has quickly marked its position as an intelligent and promising clothing label. Rashid Textile has just launch another novel collection of summer lawn for summer season 2014. It is Monarca Summer Lawn Collection 2014 Volume-1. 
It has a wide range of clothing brands. In Rashid Textile brand portfolio most alluring brands are Rashid classic lawn, Rashid collection lawn, Marvi Classic lawn, Liza Krincle Lawn, Rashid classic cotton, Designer Series Lawn, Rashid Vintage Khadder, Rashid Designer Khadder, Alpine Print and Digi Prints by Rashid Textile. Let’s have a quick tour of this Monarca Lawn Collection 1st Edition.
In this Monarca Lawn Collection Vol 1., Rashid Textile has launched fresh, bold and creative lawn prints for young girls. Monarca has been designed in all print format, both sides of Kameez has been printed in floral embroidered patterns exhibiting the look and feel of thread embroidery. Color scheme is just awesome, eye-catching lawn prints are best for evening parties, birthday parties and college parties. Alluring pink and red shades along with modest chocolate shades are looking marvelous. College going girls will really love this Monarca Lawn Collection Vol. 1 by Rashid Textile. All dresses have been launched in 3-PC unit includes printed kameez, dyed shalwar and printed doppatta. Hope you like thisfabulous lawn collection Monarca by Rashid Textile. Keep visiting for latest trendy fashion information.

Open Shirt / Sherwani Style Dress with Trouser | Silk by Fawad Khan Collection 2014 for Woman

Silk by Fawad Khan Collection 2014 for Woman 
This is a novel dress collection of fancy andformal wear designed by “Silk by Fawad Khan”. It is for spring summer fancy and formal wearing, especially designed by Fawad Khan for this spring summer season 2014. The collection consists of pure silk dressesembellished with silver and golden thread embroidery. Moreover, the enrichment of motives and stars work looking marvelous, elegant and dashing. Let’s have a look on Silk collection-14 by Fawar Khan.
Fawad Khan has designed this marvelous formal dress collection for spring summer formal use. Dresses have been designed in pure silk fabric. Silk by Fawad Khan’s is an enrichment of vibrant colors in combination of state of the art modern patterns. Including open kurti style, the collection also has been designed in formal shalwar kameez and short sleeve less kurti style. This Silk by Fawad Khan Spring Summer Collection 2014 especially designed in gold palate patterns in rich gold, green, pink and shocking blue color. Silk by Fawad Khan is an emerging fashion and clothing brand inaugurated its business in 2012. With the passage of time brand has emerged a reputable and promising clothing label of Pakistan. Hope you like this Silk by Fawad Khan Spring Summer Collection 2014.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Umar Sayeed New One Design Lawn Collection Summer 2014-15 | Umar Sayeed Set Up Lawn Collection Summer/Spring 2014 for Alkaram Textile

  Umar Sayeed Set Up Lawn Collection Summer/Spring 2014 for Alkaram Textile
Last summer in 2013, Lawn prints of Umar Sayeed have been widely appreciated. Girls really loved his work in collaboration with AL Karam Textile. For this spring summer season of 2014, Umar Sayeed has also developed a spring collection 2014 for Al Karam. Last night Al Karam announced the launching date of Al Karam Spring 2014 Umar Sayeed Spring Collection. The collection will be launched on 28th March, 2014 and will be available at all Al Karam Studio outlets and online store. Instead. 
you can also visit and take Al Karam Spring 2014, Umar Sayeed Spring Collection 2014 from all leading clothing stores across the Pakistan. So, be calm and conscious till 28th March, 2014—the launching date of Al Karam Spring 2014 Umar Sayeed Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2014.

Printed Sleeveless & Full Sleeve Suits by Aalishan Collection 2014-15 | Aalishan Chiffon Lawn Summer/Spring 2014 Collection by Dawood V-I

Aalishan Chiffon Lawn Summer/Spring 2014 Collection by Dawood V-I
Dawood clothing brand is one of the most promising and most demanding women clothing label of Pakistan. Dawood Collection has emerged itself not only a leading summer lawn brand of Pakistan but also has established a unique style of marketing and promotion. After launching Dawood Summer Lawn Collection 2014 andDawood Gold Lawn Collection 2014, Dawood has launched it’s another spectacular collection of lawn prints. This is AALISHAN Chiffon Lawn Collection Vol-1.
Incredibly designed AALISHAN Chiffon Lawn prints are really looking “AALISHAN” incredible. Let’s have a quick review of this spectacular tremendously designed chiffon lawn dress collection by Dawood.
Really I have no words to praise this implausible work done by Dawood dress designers. In this AALISHAN Chiffon lawn collection 2014, there is something for everyone. A wide range of lawn prints including floral theme in small, large and moderate pattern with dramatic expression of colors are looking just awesome. This is really a height of elegance, charm and creativity Dawood has presented. I assure you this summer would be the best summer of your life with Dawood AALISHAN Chiffon Lawn Volume 1. Boost your confidence and personality with stunning designs of AALISHAN Chiffon lawn prints 2014. A gigantic array of hues of prints in vibrant spring colors really exhibiting the charm of spring season. This Dawood AALISHAN Chiffon Lawn Vol. 1 will develop a model within your personality. Remarkably designed chiffon lawn prints with superb embellishment of embroidered patch work will give you a state of the art master piece—the dress which will not only enhance your beauty but also your charm, confidence

Monday, 24 March 2014

3-PC & 4-PC Nimsay Semi-Printed Lawn 2014 | Nimsay Show Off Parsa Lawn for Summer/Spring Collection 2014-15

Nimsay Show Off Parsa Lawn for Summer/Spring Collection 2014-15
This is Parsa Printed Lawn Spring/Summer Collection 2014 launched by Nimsay just an hour ago. The collection will be a handsome addition to your wardrobe because Nimsay has presented a very decent color range with fabulous printed designs and lawn dresses are looking awesome with digitally neckline printed patterns. Though Nimsay launched very limited range of printed lawn designs in this Parsa Printed Lawn Spring/Summer Dress Collection 2014. 
But this will make impact on your personalty by grooming and charming your personality in this spring summer season 2014. So, let’s quickly explore this limited printed collection of Parsa Printed Lawn proudly presented by Nimsay.
Parsa is one of the leading brands of Nimsay—an emerging clothing label of Pakistan delivering its services in clothing and fashion industry. Unlike last year, Nimsay has launched its Parsa Printed Lawn Collection a little early due to tough competitive environment within the industry. Perfectly designed these lawn prints can be taken as semi-formal dress. Use of mix of floral and abstract pattern designing philosophy of Nimsay has created a master piece. Dresses have been embellished with lace and strip work to build neckline and border patterns. Hope you like this Parsa Printed Lawn Spring/Summer Collection 2014.

Grapes Show Off Aqua-marine Embroidered Self Lawn Suit & Maroon Ladies Self-Lawn Embroidered Dress Collection 2014-15 | Grapes Set Up Ladies Self Lawn for Summer/Spring Collection 2014

Grapes Set Up Ladies Self Lawn for Summer/Spring Collection 2014
Here is another fabulous summer dress collection 2014. It is Ladies Self-Lawn Summer Collection 2014, proudly launched by Grapes the Brand. This is an array of simple casual lawn Kurti/Kurta for casual and daily use. “Grapes the Brand” has launched this collection for daily and casual use in simple but elegant format and colours. “Grapes the Brand” has embellished these dresses with embroidery stuff on back, sleeves with mandarine collar. 
Hope you will feel this Ladies Self Lawn Collection different. This would be a cool choice for this spring summer season 2014. “Grapes The Brand” starts working on ladies clothing in 2012 and gradually emerged it a promising women clothing brand of Pakistan. Unlike last year, “Grapes the Brand” has launched its simple casual ladies self-lawn collection 2014 prior launching its printed lawn collection. If you are leftist, having different approach about clothing, surely “Grapes the Brand” will give you remarkable choice of simple, casual but elegant women clothing range. So, if you are one of them, rush towards stores because this is a limited edition of Grapes Self Lawn Collection for summer 2014.

2nd Edition of Jubilee Printed VIP Lawn Dresses 2014-15 | Jubilee VIP Lawn Summer/Spring Collection 2014 Vol-2

Jubilee VIP Lawn Summer/Spring Collection 2014 Vol-2
Jubilee Cloth Mills has just launched its novel dress collection for spring summer season 2014. It is VIP Lawn Collection 2014, collection compos of gorgeous prints, exciting and attractive colors with ethnic elegance of style. Moreover, Jubilee has presented latest fashion patterns in style, creativity and glamour. In this VIP Lawn Collection 2014 Vol-2, Jubilee has really developed VIP dresses for girls who want to wear quality fabric because quality never goes out of fashion. 
Gorgeously designed lawn prints will redefine glamour, elegance and luxury style in class of VIP ethnic clothing. Jubilee is one of the oldest textile manufacturers of Pakistan striving for quality fabric in Pakistani clothing and fashion industry since its incorporation. Jubilee is working for total customer satisfaction by delivering quality clothing through increased output, empowerment of production process and total quality management. In this Vol-2 of VIP Lawn Collection 2014, Jubilee launched creative and latest fashion dresses in fabulous color palate in hues of striving and creative colors. This would be a better and first choice of you for summer clothing 2014.

Casual Digital Printed Long Frock & Western Belt Style Frock Maxi by Fatima Zuhaib 2014 | Fatima Zuhaib Spring/Summer Diaries 2014-15

Fatima Zubaib Spring/Summer  Diaries 2014-15
Casual dressing is an important part of human life and a key segment of clothing market as well. “Casual dressing”, the word perceives very casual but in fact, it is one of the toughest part of fashion and dress designing. You don’t know about the taste, habits and casual living of every common person therefore designing a casual wear is not any easy task. But, has explored a creative dress designer. This is Fatima Zuhaib, launched its very exclusive spring collection 2014. 

The collection consists of state of the art designed casual dresses in high fashion ambitions by keeping the spring and summer season mood in considerations. Fatima Zuhaib is one the leading emerging clothing brands of Pakistani clothing and fashion industry. It is not just the clothing brand but a complete lifestyle. Fatima Zuhaib label is working with ambitions to deliver quality fabric dresses embellished with unique style and combination of domestic and Western fashion. This Spring Collection / Spring Diaries 2014 of Fatima Zuhaib will allow you build your personal and charming wardrobe with high end fashion and casual spring summer dresses. This Fatima Zuhaib Spring Diaries 2014 composed of casual attires printed and embellished with lace strip work exhibiting modern Western style. If you are going to attend a casual party or going to celebrate weekend vacations with friends, this spring diaries collection 2014 will be a better choice for you. Hope you like these fabulous, colorful and charming spring dress collection of Fatima Zuhaib really exhibiting and spreading the colors of spring.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Embroidered Shirt with Tights G-Woman Ready made Dress by Gul Ahmed 2014 | Gul Ahmed G-Woman Ready to Wear Summer/Spring Collection 2014-15

Gul Ahmed G-Woman Ready to Wear Summer/Spring Collection 2014-15
Finally the wait is over; Gul Ahmed launched its G Woman Ready to Wear Collection 2014 powered by Ideas by Gul Ahmed. In this stunning spring summer collection, Gul Ahmed developed 100% pure cotton dresses embellished with imaginative prints in polychrome hues of colors. This G Woman Ready to Wear Collection 2014 will set a new trend of summer clothing by keeping traditional prints in fashion but in novel ways. Let’s check this out together. Have a look onG-Woman Collection-14.
Gul Ahmed is one of the leading clothing fashion brand sustaining its credibility and customer loyalty every year. Its energetic clothing brands have glued the customer experience with their fascinating, creative and artistic designs. Gul Ahmed believe that this G-Women Ready to Wear Collection 2014 will entitled new trends to take you busy in updating your wardrobe with these stunning ready to wear cotton dresses. Entire collection consists of striking shades ranging cobalt blue to aesthetic brown; you will have all stylish and trendy colors in artistically designed and perfectly tailored, best fit cotton ready to wear dresses. This G Woman Ready to Wear Summer Dress Collection will teach you spring summer clothing philosophy in simple but elegant way. Hope you like these stunning prints on cotton fabric which have been designed by Ideas by Gul Ahmed for spring summer season 2014.

Swiss Lawn Dresses & Sleeveless Swiss Voile Set Up By Motifz Lawn 2014 | Motifz Swiss Lawn & Designer Summer/Spring Embroidered Dresses 2014-15

Motifz Swiss Lawn & Designer Summer/Spring Embroidered Dresses 2014-15
This is another stimulating clothing stuff, this is formal lawn dresses, and this is Motifz summer collection 2014. Motifz has launched its summer lawn collection volume 1 on 19th March, 2014. Though the collection has limited designs, but all are incredibly designed and nourished with Motifz specialty and creativity. Motifz made these summer lawn dresses in formal touch for girls demanding semi-formal casual dresses. 
All formal and semi-formal lawn dresses in this Motifz summer lawn collection 2014 are available in unstitched three piece format. Dresses compose of the single short piece, pure cotton Shalwar piece and crinkle embroidered dupatta. Shirt piece is a Swiss lawn fabric designed for kameez front side, back side and sleeves. Dresses in this Motifz Summer Collection 2014 have been launched with Motifz quality guarantee. Motifz is operating state of the art dress designing mechanism and quality assurance has been taken into consideration at every step from cotton picking to finished dress.

Casual Dress with Short Legging & Casual Shirt with Over Coat set Up Nida Khurram 2014-15 | Nida Khurram Summer/Spring Exhibition 2014-15

Nida Khurram Summer/Spring Exhibition 2014-15
After a long journey of covering news of lawn collection 2014, she9 has brought a new and fresh sort of modern dresses reflecting your very own liking and wishes. These are casual wears for summer season 2014 but elegantly designed and presented by Nida Khurram. Nida Khurram is an emerging fashion andclothing designer of Pakistan. The label has organised an exhibition on 20th March, 2014 at EPL DOLMEN MALL CLOFTON, Karachi. 
The exhibition was rocked and grand buster. During the exhibition casual dresses for summer 2014 was exhibited which was highly appreciated by the attendants. This Nida Khurram Summer Dresses 2014 Collection for Girls is consists of dresses and casual attires for summer season you are waiting for a long time and now unleashed by Nida Khurram. With new designs, cuts and casual patterns these casual dresses will give you entirely a new look. Nida Khurram has presented these casual summer dresses in a variety of fabric including chiffon lawn, cotton, net fabric and silk embellished with laces, borders and printed patterns in a single package. Hope you like and would like to have these casual summer dresses for this summer season.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Best Pakistan Fashion Week 2014-15 Dubai Cosponsored By Lala Textile

Best Pakistan Fashion Week 2014-15 Dubai Cosponsored By Lala Textile
Pakistan Fashion Week 2014 is scheduled in Dubai from 24th to 26th April, 2014 proudly presented by Asian LifeStyle. It is the largestfashion show of Pakistan exhibiting the core of Pakistani fashion and unleashing the talent in style. PFW promoted voluminous fashion and dress designers of Pakistan and UAE. This time the event of PFW will be held in Dubai, so it will be all fun from 24 to 26th April, 2014. 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Five Star Frock with Churi Pajama Casual Prints in Classic 2014 V-II | Five Star Classic Lawn 2014 Vol-2

Five Star Classic Lawn 2014 Vol-2
Unlike Vol.1, Five Star has presented Volume 2 of Five Star Classic Lawn Collection with a different approach. In this Volume 2, mix of digital prints has been launched with a rich blend of forever look, floral patterns and amazing cool color combination. This volume has more than 60 lawn prints, including the royal classic, stylish and modern lawn prints. So, take a new start of this summer 2014, with Five Star Summer Classic Lawn Collection 2014 Volume 2. 
Moreover, the dresses of Volume 2 have been designed for modern patterns for young and college going girls. Five Star has presented printed shalwar for the first time in this summer season 2014 and continuous its habit of setting new trends. So, look young, simple and different with solo color kameez and printed shalwar during this summer 2014. Five Star Classic Lawn Collection 2014, Volume 2 has won the hearts of girls looking for a change in current fashion.

Colorful Designs Show off in Sleeveless Classic Lawn by Five Star 2014 | Five Star Classic Lawn Collection 2014 Vol-3

Five Star Classic Lawn Collection 2014 Vol-3 
Five Star Classic Lawn Collection 2014, Volume 3 is exclusively exhibiting the true colors of summer season 2014. So, get inspired with sensational new looks of Classic Lawn Volume 3. Colorful printed lawn dresses of Volume 3 would give you the best, most flattering hues of colors and the uniqueness of prints. Five Star has started a new wave of style and glamour with the launch of this Classic Lawn Volume 3. Feel the softness and sophistication of lawn fabric and glow with beautiful floral prints. 
Most of the dresses have been printed in cool summer colors. This volume 3 of Five Star Classic Lawn Collection consists of bold and beautiful color range and this will not even fulfill your wish, but also give you the freedom of choice between vast ranges of color variety.

Embroidered Shirt with Chiffon Dupatta Set Up Zainab Salman Sleeveless Summer Collection 2014 | Zainab Salman Lawn, Swiss Voile, Silk Pret Collection 2014

Zainab Salman Lawn, Swiss Voile, Silk Pret Collection Summer 2014
Popularity of pret dresses increasing day by day in Pakistan. Role of media and technology is apparent, more and more dress designers are joining the force and contributing to development of the evergreen clothing market. Last week another spectacular addition has been observed in field when Zainab Salman has launched its exclusive summer lawn collection for summer season 2014. Zainab Salman is emerging but not a new clothing label of industry. 
Like other various summer lawn labels which have born this year, Zainab Salman also launched its pret summer lawn, Silk and Swiss Voile collection 2014. Let’s walk through this pret summer lawn collection 2014.
First of all I would like to write few words for Zainab Salman—versatile, energetic, creative, enthusiastic and professional lady. She has a prodigious sense of dress designing and playing with colors is her hobby. With the passage of time after entering in the clothing fashion market she had learned a lot and improved her label to a respectable level. In designing of Zainab Salman Pret Lawn Collection 2014, she used the most elegant and quality fabric garnished with digital prints sparkling the beauty of beads and ornaments. Embellishment of silk fabric made the dress fancier and perfect for parties. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get this Zainab Salman Pret Summer Lawn, Swiss Voile and Silk Collection 2014 and make an elegant addition to your wardrobe.

Become Fashion Audacious With Ittehad Long Shirt in Swiss Voile 2014-15 | House of Ittehad Embroidered Swiss Voil Collection 2014

House of Ittehad Embroidered Swiss Voil Collection 2014
With House of Ittehad fashion journey never ends. This is a complement posted by a Facebook fan on House of Ittehad official Facebook page. Well said and absolutely factual. On the wall of Pakistani clothing fashion, just rewind the movie of fashion and you will notice incredible inputs of House of Ittehad. If I say, House of Ittehad is one of the leading players and one of the top most trend setters of Pakistani fashion and clothing industry than probably I would never got challenged. So, the journey continues. 
House of Ittehad has launched another collection for 2014. It is House of Ittehad Embroidered Swiss Voil Spring Summer Collection 2014. Let’s, I will show the heaven of summer lawn prints.
House of Ittehad makes history in clothing fashion of Pakistan. It is not only the brand of inspiration but the label of quality and versatility. In this summer swiss voil lawn collection House of Ittehad introduced The Gold Dust Collection for spring summer season 2014 in quintessential guide of high living with glamorous attitude by wearing endless clothing fashion. This Swiss Voil Embroidered Lawn Collection 2014 is composed of embroidered Swiss dresses with lawn prints. House of Ittehad launched this gorgeous swiss voil collection for gorgeous girls looking for glamorous embroidered swiss lawn dresses for this summer. High end fashion creativity and glamorous look of clothing patterns have made this Swiss Voil Summer Lawn Collection 2014 incredible, different, versatile and unique. Wide color scheme of this summer lawn swiss collection 2014 will allow you the choice of cool colors with perfectly embellished high end fashion embroidered shalwar kameez dresses.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sindhi Ajrak Style Lawn & Double Shirt Lawn by Firdous 2014-15 | Firdous Printed Korean Lawn Summer/Spring collection 2014

Firdous Printed Korean Lawn Summer/Spring collection 2014
This is another spectacular addition in an array of summer lawn of season 2014 made by Firdous Cloth Mills. Firdous has launched its novel collection of lawn dresses for summer season of 2014, just few hours ago. It is Firdous Korean Lawn Collection 2014, consists of trendy long shirts, printed dopatta and dyed salwar, but in a spirit of fresh outlook, fantasy and craze. Firdous has presented all printed lawn dresses in this fabulous launch. Let’s have a look.

Firdous as clothing brand needs no formal introduction; it is one of the finest and famous clothing brands of Pakistan. Today Firdous has introduced another lawn collection for this summer season. In this collection Firdous launched variety of printed designs in all sleeveless, half sleeve and full sleeve patterns. Dresses have been designed digitally in quality, eye-catching and fine floral and abstract prints. Wide range of colors, styles and pattern choice has made this Firdous Korean Lawn Collection 2014 one of the leading printed lawn collection of 2014 summer season. You can take these dresses directly from Firdous e-store or can visit your nearest clothing retail store. Price is fluctuating between 2200-2400 for all prints of this Korean Summer Lawn Collection 2014. Hope you like these lawn dresses. For more printed lawn designs of famous brands keep visiting.