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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Open Angarkha Fashion & Printed Floral Angarkha | Angrakha is Most important Pakistani fashion World in 2014

Angrakha is Most important Pakistani fashion World in 2014
Here I have a quote of a French fashion designer, Coco Chanel “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman” so dear it’s a time to impeccably to boost your trend with innovative fashion. We is frequently updating the fashion from different brands and during the last 6 month we notice that now every brand who is introducing its designer dresses, it contains minimum one Angarkha Dress. So here we are going to share you Angarkha Fashion 2014 have a look.
Hindu men wear an angrakha, a long tunic that drops the knees. A cloth waist-band and tight fitting pajama and a small pagri (top hat) worn on top of the head completes their ensemble that is Angrakha which is also called Angarkha. 
During the last six months, most probably after introducing the linen dresses in winter 2013 by Pakistani brands, Angarkha fashion is familiarized in Pakistan. And now, in this summer season 2014 most of the brands have Angarkha dresses and thus there comes a revolution in fashion by Angarkha. In which one of the Massive outfit brand is Gul Ahmed. Yes! Gul Ahmed has introduced a huge variety of Angarkha Dresses in this summer collection 2014. Here we are going to share a complete range of Angarkha dresses. You can spot here Indian Agnarkha Dresses, Bridal Angarkha Fashion, Gul Ahmed Angarkha, Fridous Angarkha, Indian Angrakha, Cord Angarkha dresses and fancy Angrakha Dresses. Well, let’s have a close look on this Angrkha Fashion 2014 hope you will like it.


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